How I Overcame My Intimacy Issues

The first time I met Peter I found it really hard to make conversation with him. Most guys who I meet at London escorts are chatty, and consider having a chat with their girl at London escorts as part of the experience. But Peter was different. He smiled a lot but mainly let me do most of the talking. I soon realised that he was one of those guys who may have a few intimacy issues with women.

Peter told me that this was one of his first dates with a London escort. He had used a couple of other London escorts services, but from what I could gather, he had not really enjoyed the company of any of the other London escorts that he had met so far. I realised that at that point that I may not see Peter again, but he would surprise me. Believe it or not, he called me a couple of days later and asked me out for a dinner date.

He picked me up in this really nice chauffeur driven car and I had to ask what he did for a living. Now that really opened him up. Peter told me that he run a technology company in Canary Wharf. From what he was saying I could tell that his company was his pride and joy, and before I knew it, I had asked him if I could visit. He beamed from ear to ear, and I knew I had said the right thing. Our second London escorts was a real success and he seemed to really enjoy it. He did not stop talking throughout the date,a dn told me that I was not the nicest girl that he had met from any charlotte escorts service.

I realised that Peter was not really looking for a sexy companion as such. He was more looking for the GFE experience but he wanted that on his own terms. Before I knew it I was dating Peter at London escorts a couple of times per week, and I was actually beginning to enjoy his company. I learned a lot about him, and unusually for me, I told him personal things about me. He loved the fact that I liked aquatic fish and even took me to an aquatic fish show.

About a month later, I realised that I was in love with Peter. He was not usually the sort of guy that I would go for, but we had so much fun together and now we even had things in common. I was not going to leave London escorts for him, but I did want to spend more time with him.

One day, he announced that he had bought me a bike. It was something I had mentioned when we first started to date, and it was clear he had personal feelings for me. I was used to receiving handbags and bottles of perfume, but a bike said it all. This guy really was prepared to get close and personal with me, and I must have helped to overcome at least some of his intimacy issues with women.

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