Not For College Days Alone

One of the keys to Phi Gamma Delta's success at Mississippi State is through the ongoing support of our graduate brothers. We encourage all our graduate brothers to explore this website to stay up to date with all the current happenings of the Sigma Mu chapter. We also have begun emailing newsletters throughout the semester that regard good news of the chapter. If you are ever in the Starkville area, please feel free to stop by and visit. Our current graduate relations chairmen is Cameron Hatch and feel free to contact him anytime at Also if you know of any upcoming freshmen who could be a potential benefit to our chapter, please contact our rush chairmen Josh Hancock at Phi Gamma Delta is “not for college days alone"and we encourage all brothers to stay involved with the undergraduate chapter at Sigma Mu. 

"A Fraternity, too, is of such character that after men have left college they delight to renew their own youth by continued association with it and to bring their richest experiences back to the younger generation in part payment of the debt which they feel themselves owe to the fraternity for what it gave them in their formative years." -Newton D. Baker