Are celebs trying to turn themselves into porn stars?



Before I joined these sexy escorts in London, I used to do both a bit of porn acting and sexy modelling. Both are not really profitable jobs with the field of adult entertainment in London, and I have to admit that I gave up in the end. I was not really making enough money and ended up working in a bar to supplement my income. That is where I met my boss at London escorts. He was a really nice guy and I enjoyed his company.


Looking at the papers today, I think that a lot of celebs are trying to turn themselves into adult entertainers. It is shocking how many celebs have had their “private” sex tapes stolen. I am not sure that these sex tapes are meant to be private. Many of them are probably leaked out and distributed by the celebs themselves. Of course, they know it is important to stay in the spot light all of the time, and that is why their sex tapes accidentally leak out or appear online. Are they trying to themselves into porn stars? It really makes you wonder what is going on.


What about all of the sexy images which are being released as well? I don’t think that they are released accidentally neither. Most of the girls here at London escorts do agree with me. They are pretty sure that once again, celebs are trying to make a name for themselves and I think that is right. I don’t know any celebs but I would imagine that most of them would actually revel in seeing their photo on screen. When I did adult modelling, I was paid for my services but I am pretty sure that most of the celebs get paid by sponsorship or something like that.


Are these celebs ruining the adult entertainment industry? I don’t think that they are ruining it, but I do think that many of them are indeed taking away earnings opportunities from genuine porn stars an adult models. People get all excited about watching a porn with a celeb in in and may not buy a professionally made video. However, I am sure that most celebs have their videos professionally made. These videos are not made accidentally at all.


Ever since I have been working for London escorts, I have not done any adult modelling. Along with all of the other girls here at London escorts, I make good money here at the agency. We get the chance to meet some nice gents and many of them really spoil us. I love it and I don’t think that I am going to give up escorting in a hurry. Escorts in London take a lot of stick, but most of us girls are hardworking and do not engage in any funny business at all.  We all work really hard and I am not so sure that celebs work hard to get their videos out there. I am pretty sure that somebody does it for them.


The Benefits of London Escorts

Sex is good for you says scientists and London escorts. We have long known that sex is good for our health, and now scientists are telling us that we should be having more of it. London escorts say that most of us are quick to reject sex as a way of promoting and increasing our health. According to London escorts, sex is one of the best ways to increase well-being but we often ignore the many positive sides to sex.

London Escorts

London escorts have been checking out some facts, and some of the London escorts that I spoke to, had even been brave enough to speak to people on the street. Okay, some people were a bit surprised that London escorts were doing a survey, but almost everyone is in to surveys these days. Why shouldn’t London escorts be into surveys? The information that came out of the survey that the London escorts did was very interesting, and told us that many people are still unaware of the many benefits of sex on health.

Your Mood and Quality Sex

Sex can massively enhance your mood, and you will feel better and much happier if you have sex on a regular basis. The problem is that many people do not have good quality sex. Good quality sex is much more important than having sex for the sake of it.

Good quality sex means taking time out of your busy schedule to truly enjoy somebody. London escorts  of say that most of the people that they had spoken to spent very little time actually making love, and most sex sessions only lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. To be honest, 5 minutes probably would not get be aroused unless I was very turned on.

To have good quality sex, we need to set out some time to have sex to actually please ourselves and our partners. Making love or having sex should always be a bit of a journey and adventure. However, to experience good sex we need to let ourselves really enjoy good sex.

Heart Function

Couples that make love on a regular basis all have healthier hearts, and circulatory systems. They are less likely to suffer from strokes and many other related disorders. Sex can be a very good form of aerobic exercise if you let, but you need to put your body and soul into it. Making love should last more than five minutes, and you should try to aim for 20 minutes if you can.

Good sex increases blood flow and expands our arteries. This means that if you have good quality sex, you are much less likely to suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a big problem, and if we can treat it naturally so much better.

It is also known that men who have sex more often suffer less from prostrate problems as the prostate gland is much less likely to become inflamed. However, remember that sex should always be a pleasure never a chore. If it feels like that, something is going wrong.